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Central Gym terem fotó
Central Gym terem fotó
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Central Gym terem fotó
Central Gym terem fotó

Central Gym in Budapest, located at Kálmán Imre street 15, District V, offers individual and group training sessions for all those who are interested and want to exercise!

We mainly focus on self-defense, combat sports and fitness training, but we also offer many forms of exercise and rehabilitation activities:

  • - Krav maga, boxing, thai boxing, capoeira
  • - Kettle bell, bodyweight workout, TRX
  • - Massage

Our gym is fully equipped, including equipment for martial arts and fitness training - such as kettlebells and TRX: rubber and skipping ropes, punching bags, equipment for developing speed and reflexes, and protective equipment. We provide the opportunity to change clothes, our changing rooms are equipped with lockers and showers.

Central Gym

Our Team

Varga Tamás krav maga oktató

Tamás Varga

Krav maga instructor, Thai Boxing and personal trainer
+36 20 426 9999

Nagy Zsuzsanna krav maga oktató

Zsuzsanna Nagy

Krav Maga Instructor
+36 20 775 8825

Balogh Gergely kettle bell oktató

Gergő Balogh

Kettle Bell Trainer
+36 30 275 8011


Üllei-Kovács László boksz oktató

László Üllei-Kovács

Boxing Trainer
+36 70 399 9670

Tóth-Teszéri Péter thai boksz oktató

Péter Tóth-Teszéri

Thai Boxing Trainer
+36 30 703 1150

Szabó Laci thai boksz oktató

László Szabó

Thai Box Trainer

Mányoki Ádám thai boksz oktató

Ádám Mányoki

Thai Boxing Trainer

Pedro Cesar De Souza

Pedro Cesar De Souza

Professor of Capoeira

Central Gym

Types of Trainings

Krav Maga

Learn a self-defense system built on practical experience, which is based on our instinctive movements. In this way, you can learn self-defense techniques that are easy and quick to learn.


Boxing is deservedly one of the oldest Olympic combat sports. Whether you would like to pursue it as a hobby or at a professional level, we look forward to welcoming you.

Kettle Bell

Kettlebell training is a lifestyle, not just a fashion sport. Short but intense kettlebell workouts are easy to fit into your daily rush, and here you can learn to perform the basics correctly, which will help you get a strong and dynamic body.

Thai Boxing

Thai boxing (also known as Muay thai) is a bare-handed martial art from Thailand, which is also called the science of the eight limbs, because during the fight the boxer can use not only her fists, but also her legs, knees and elbows.

Fitness training, bodyweight training

As part of fitness training, we develop muscles, increase endurance and flexibility with specially prepared, varied exercises. It is ideal for regular athletes and beginners, as well as for office workers. While it is a perfect supplement and strength development for athletes, it can also help people who does sport to gain a stronger physique, a slimmer, more toned figure and a better sense of well-being.


Both regular sports and office work use up our body and muscles. The goal of the massage is to help our body and our mind to relax, and to help the body regenerate faster and keep it young.

No contact thai boxing for ladies

If you don't want to be hit and you wouldn't like to hit others, you have the opportunity to try Thai boxing without contact (wrestling) on the Women's Fit Thai Boxing classes. It is also perfect for shaping and improving endurance, and a great stress reliever!


Capoeira is a martial art of Afro-Brazilian origin, with a very wide technical repertoire, characterized by kicks, punches, takedowns and acrobatic movements accompanied by music. It develops movement coordination, flexibility and deep muscles in an extraordinary way.

Central Gym


Krav Maga, Thai Boxing - Tamás Varga
Daily 4.000 HUF
Private (1 person/1 time) 12.000 HUF
Monthly (2 times/week) 17.000 HUF
Monthly (4 times/week) 25.000 HUF
Monthly unlimited 45.000 HUF
Krav Maga - Zsuzsanna Nagy
Daily 3.000 HUF
Private (1 person) 6.000 HUF
Monthly 15.000 HUF
Semimonthly 8.500 HUF
Kettle Bell - Gergő Balogh
Daily 3.000 HUF
Private (1 person) 8.000 HUF
Monthly (2 times/week) 16.000 HUF
3 Months 40.000 HUF
Boxing - László Üllei-Kovács
Daily 3.000 HUF
Private (1 person) 10.000 HUF
Monthly (4 times/Month) 11.000 HUF
Monthly (8 times/Month) 19.000 HUF
Monthly (4 times/Month + 4 times private) 35.000 HUF
Monthly unlimited + 4 times private 42.000 HUF
Monthly unlimited + 8 times private 70.000 HUF
Thai Boxing - Péter Tóth-Teszéri
Private (1 person) 8.000 HUF
Daily 3.000 HUF
Daily for under age 18 2.500 HUF
Monthly (8 times/Month) 20.000 HUF
Monthly for under age 18 (8 times/Month) 16.000 HUF
Thai Boxing - László Szabó
Private (1 person) 10.000 HUF
Private for two persons 8.000 HUF
Thai Boxing - Ádám Mányoki
Private (1 person) 8.000 HUF
Private for two persons 7.000 HUF
Capoeira - Pedro Cesar De Souza
Daily 3.000 HUF
Monthly 15.000 HUF

Train with us in Central Gym!

Sign up for training with us and become a member of a great team, where you can train in a guaranteed good atmosphere and in a supportive environment.

Central Gym


Central gym órarend
Central gym erőnléti órarend

Apply for our classes!

You can choose from the following martial art classes:

  • Krav maga, Boxing, Thai boxing, capoeira fight training

  • You can choose from the following fitness classes:

    • Kettle bell and bodyweight workout

    • You can apply for our trainings at any of our contacts listed in the contact menu or send us a message via our facebook messenger!

      Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer!

Central Gym


András Váradi

I've been going to Central Gym since it opened, and I've been following its continuous development. There is no other place where there are so many types of training in such a demanding environment, and it doesn't cost a fortune. Both the coaches and the coaching teams have ended up here!

Tünde Pozsogár

I love going to Central Gym because the atmosphere is always fun while you work out. This is one of the rarest pairings. 😀 There are many types of exercise to choose from, every trainer is different, and they are also professional. I recommend it to everyone who wants to belong to a community where there is no ostracism, people are helpful, open and kind. You'll get a huge boost of confidence if you go for it.

Ildikó Almási

The Krav Maga education at Central Gym is world-class, not only because they are members of an international network, Krav Maga Global, but also because the trainers plan the classes with heart and soul. After New York, London, Paris, Beijing and Israel, Central Gym is now my base in Hungary, where I tried not only krav maga, but also fitness classes and fight training. I really like the structure of each lesson, because we learn new things creatively and in a good atmosphere and develop together. The team at Central Gym is also very good; and as they say, the best friendships are made after a good fight.

Márk Dombóvári

For me, working out gives me a kind of calm confidence, which is an awfully good feeling, no matter what kind of day you're having. In addition, I can train with great people, the atmosphere is absolutely good, and we don't despise humor either, but we still work hard.

Ferenc Szilágyi

Central Gym is the best choice if you want to maintain your health, get and stay in shape and increase your self-confidence in a cheerful, encouraging and friendly atmosphere. The TRAINER, Tomi, creates such a magical atmosphere in his constantly beautifying gym where you can feel like a member of a friendly community from the first time. You won't be looking for excuses, and you'll want to meet the people in the gym again and again. I went for one krav maga training and stayed for seven years. 🙂

Ildikó Sprecher

Why I like going to Central Gym: it fills me up, moves me from head to toe, and there are excellent trainers. In fact, considering all types of training, Central Gym is my second family. We don't pull each other down, there are no condescending looks 🙂 I made a lot of new, valuable acquaintances.


Thai Box szabadtéri edzés

Outdoor Thai boxing training!

Date: 13.07.2024 09:00-12:00

Location: Budapest, Vérmező - next to Déli Railway Station

The good weather is finally here! Come and train with us to the park!

The price of the program is 5.000 HUF

Inquire and apply by clicking the 'Apply' button.


Central Gym


Central Gym

15. Kálmán Imre street Budapest, V. district, 1054


Tamás Varga: +36 20 426 9999


Kitti Horváth: +36 20 943 1199

Thank you for your message, we will write you soon!